Playing With Fire With Your Personal Brand

Sometimes, you have to turn your back on the fire to build it up. This is a guest post by Michel Neray. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. I just came back from my annual canoe trip. Now, this wasn’t the peaceful paddle on a glassy quiet lake that you might imagine. It was a rugged, wild, whitewater trip that started at Bridge Rapids some 80 kilometers north of the Ottawa River in Canada, where you can only get to by logging roads or floatplane, and the only way back, (other than floatplane or logging road), is by canoe. For a week we didn’t see another soul, nor were we able to get Internet access, cell calls, Facebook status updates or Tweets. I had to focus on simple things, like getting through Class III rapids during the day, and getting the fire going before nightfall. The fire was my greatest teacher on this trip. Do you know how to build a fire?


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