The Biggest Job Search Problem With LinkedIn

LinkedIn might be great for job seekers, but it has one big flaw. Why LinkedIn is great for your job search No employer likes to think their employees are actively looking for a job outside the company, and that's regardless of whether you're doing it on company time or not. Pretty much every employee understands and knows this. It used to be that if you posted your resume online as part of your job search and your employer found out about it, you could be: * invited to an uncomfortable, trust-straining meeting to explain the discovery * quietly put on an internal HR list of people to be replaced asap (possibly before you find a job elsewhere!) * or even, fired outright LinkedIn essentially put an end to this. Nowadays, most employers expect or even require you to be on LinkedIn. That's right- where in the past employers frowned upon you having your resume online, those same employers now want you to have your resume online. However, though you can now have your cake, it doesn't mean you get to eat it too.


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