Funniest Strangest Job Titles Ever

If all recruiters followed the classic rules of job advertisement writing, you would get pretty bored when scanning job listings. But sometimes, there are some really funny job titles. Too often, hiring staff will only get creative when it comes to glossing over job description details that might otherwise repel candidates. However, there are times when the actual job name is remarkable enough on its own and clearly needs no embellishment. From The 60 Strangest Job Titles in the USA - * Mother Repairer - I'm sure that everyone could use one of these at some point, and I love my mother and I'm sure that most of you love your mothers too. Actually, this refers to the person who improves metal phonograph record matrices, which are also known as mothers. * Skull Grinder - what's impressive about this one is that the definition is actually worse than it sounds. You'll need to click the link for it, but wait until you finish eating first. * Chick Sexer - just watch Jon Stewart's interview of Mike Rowe. There's nothing else to say.


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