Ask The Readers: How Should JobMob Evolve?

After a new logo, now it's time to discuss a new blog design. After Round 1 Voting for a new JobMob logo and then the followup Round 2 Voting, the final logo is being tweaked by my designers from With a new logo and brand on the way, a fresh new look for JobMob is next on the todo list. More than a new look, a redesign is a great opportunity to re-imagine what JobMob can be, and how the site can help more job seekers than ever.


From Your Comments: Round 2 Voting For The New JobMob Logo

Now which is your favorite? In Round 1 of the voting, Concept 1 came out strongly with the win, gaining 66% of the vote. That was actually its lowest showing, after initially trending over 80%. With your many email and blog comments in hand, the guys over at Emske have returned with some followup variations on the Round 1 Winner. Below are 3 new takes in addition to the Round 1 Winner. Browse them all and then vote in the poll at the bottom, just like last time. And also just like last time - send in your suggestions and feedback. You can see we're listening :)


Vote For The New JobMob Logo & Branding

Which is your favorite? Well over 7 years since JobMob was created and it still has the same logo and branding. Time for a refresh! The guys over at Emske have begun working on some new logo ideas and I'd love to hear what you think. Below are the 3 concepts they've imagined so far, each one accompanied with a short description. Browse them all and then vote in the poll at the bottom. If you have any suggestions, feedback or would just like to explain your choice to me and Emske's designers, that would be great! Leave a comment for that.


Surprising Results of The 1st JobMob Census

From early November through early January, you responded. On November 7th, 2013, I asked you guys to Please Take The 2-minute 2013 JobMob Census. First off- big thanks to everyone who responded. And hopefully you responded right away, while others needed a lot of prodding and shoving a reminder or two (which is ok, since we're all suffering from email overload, right?). Google Docs' form features made the survey easy to set up, and all your replies were conveniently saved in a spreadsheet while the Summary of Responses feature quickly provided the easy to read graphs coming up below. In addition to each survey question and its results, I'll tell you what I was expecting, and as you'll see, things didn't always come out the way I thought they would.


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