Should You Always Reject the First Offer For a Job?

Your resume was enjoyed, the interview process went well, the hiring company offers you the job. What comes next? This article is part of our ongoing conversation with Isabella Mori of Change Therapy. Although it's become a cliche to always reject the first offer, many people do take it. Isabella calls that the "get – accept – phew" reaction, as in- get the job, accept the offer and give a thankful sigh of relief that your job search is over. You can do better! Get - Accept - Phew is rarely the best way for you to react.


What is an Information Interview?

In a job interview, you're aiming to get a job. In an information interview, you're aiming for information. What kind of information? Learn about a company Continuing our blog conversation on avoiding awful work experiences, Isabella Mori recommends using an information interview (also called an informational interview) to scout out companies that seem to have the values and work culture you'd like. The key is setting up a lightning-fast interview where you get a chance to ask a few questions about the company's practices and decide in advance if they'd be a bad place to work.


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