Free Tool: Compare Job Offers With The Job Payoff Index (Israeli Version)

A tool that helps you compare Israeli salary packages so you can make the best job search decisions. This a guest post by Jonathan Degani. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Disclaimer: I am not a certified accountant, nor financial adviser. The information here should not be understood legally as financial advice. Any posts about financial stuff are based on whatever tax websites I see from the Israeli government. Some information could be flawed; I’m only human. I am always open to corrections, new ideas, and new opinions. What is an Indifference Curve? A few months ago, a friend was telling me about his job search. “I know exactly what I want,” he told me. “I want to earn X shekels and get a company car.” “But what if you earn a bit more and don’t get a car?” I asked. “Possibly,” he responded, “but it would have to be at least 500 shekels more.” In this conversation, my friend and I were actively illustrating his indifference curve regarding the compensation he was looking for in his upcoming job. For example, one may accept a lower salary for a higher pension or one may accept a higher salary but no company car.


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