How To Define Your Ideal Job and Why You Should

Why your passions are more important than what you studied in college. This is a guest post by Melvin Dichoso. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. I know the word "ideal" varies from person to person but here in this article by saying "ideal job", what I mean is a job that you want and you think you can enjoy. In this guest writeup, I'm going to cover up why you need to define your ideal job first and foremost and how it's going to make your job hunting much easier. A little background about me first. I'm just 20 years old with a degree in Computer Science. I'm running my own small online business which has something to do with community-oriented websites and blogs yet still I prefer to have a day job, working as online marketing staff in one of the companies here in the Philippines. Now you know me :) How do I define it?


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