Death and Downtime: Why The Recent Slowdown on JobMob

Only 4 new articles have appeared on JobMob in the past 6 weeks, and none in the past 3. What's going on? My apologies As soon as I understood that there would be a slowdown, I should have posted a notice so you would know what to expect until everything had come back to normal. Better late than never. Feel free to leave a comment below if you feel that I left you waiting, it's deserved. So what happened? Catastrophic hosting problems... now fixed For almost 4 years now, JobMob has been growing constantly and with big plans for this year (more on that soon!), my team (yes, I now have a team helping me) and I began preparing for the future with a move to a new web hosting company that would give us much room for growth. Unfortunately, after all our research to make the right choice, things didn't go as planned.


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