Everything You Need to Know About Finding Jobs with LinkedIn Groups

How can you get the most out of LinkedIn Groups? Are you even on LinkedIn yet? Be most effective by creating your LinkedIn profile according to my Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn. Then come back here for the LinkedIn group tips below. Why join LinkedIn groups? 7 reasons 1. Find jobs 2. Get advice 3. Demonstrate your expertise by giving advice 4. Grow your network with people of similar interest 5. Discover people you didn't know were on LinkedIn 6. Show your affiliations by using Groups' icons as badges 7. Contact people directly without having LinkedIn's paid Premium membership. This is a great way to reach out directly to past employees of a company you're targeting.


Teen Maintenance Man Superhero?

Recently I told you about why job search spam should scare you. That article was part of Daily Blog Tips' 3 group writing project. There were over 100 submissions to that project according to the final list. So that you don't need to browse them all, here's a selection of articles that I'll think you'll enjoy most.


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