25 Things to Watch in 2011 For Job Search

Which ideas will go mainstream in 2011 and change your job search? Every December, the J Walter Thompson (JWT) marcom agency tries to imagine 100 things that will become popular in the new year. It's a fascinating list and I thought it would be interesting to highlight the ideas that could impact job search in 2011 and beyond. Each idea's number corresponds to its place in JWT's slideshow, which you can watch at the bottom of this article. 1. 3D Printing Engineering & designer candidates will be able to show off their work like never before. 5. Auto Apps Synch job interview coordinates with your car and improve your chances of avoiding traffic and getting there on time.


Top 10 Coolest-Looking Augmented Reality Business Card Designs

Business card design will never be the same with Augmented Reality (AR) letting you put more information than ever before on your pocket-size resume. And this is just the beginning... The card designs are more impressive as you follow the countdown till the bottom of the article, where you can find out how to make your own. Enjoy!


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