Top 50 Facebook Pages and Groups For Jobs in Israel in 2013

The best places on Facebook to look for jobs in Israel right now. (If you're looking for a job outside of Israel, see the latest version of our international list.) Share this list with your Israeli job-seeking friends on Facebook. How to read the list Each row in the table shows the Facebook page or group logo (if there isn't one, you'll just see a Facebook logo), the name of the group or page, the number of members/fans and their official description. Whenever a group/page name is listed in Hebrew with its translation in parentheses, take it as a sign that most or all of the group's or page's content is in Hebrew, and that the description was also translated from Hebrew using Google Translate.


2 Super Secret Job Search Ninja Techniques You’ve Never Heard Before

Because you are your best product. This is a guest post by Joshua Waldman. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Warning: what I’m about to share with you might actually get you hired faster than you intended. Only follow these instructions if you want a job at your dream company within a few months and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. These two techniques are based on a single human characteristic, ego. Almost everyone Googles themselves. Even Lady Gaga googles herself, as if there were any risk of her not showing up! Most busy executives take the time to Google themselves too. And if they don’t, then their admins or customers do. Oh, and guess what the cheapest ads are to buy on Google and Facebook? That’s right, someone’s name. Are you catching on yet? Let me break this down step by step.


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