What If the Jobs Came to You? Announcing JobMobber Profiles

Looking for work is like being a salesman. Success is a result of your ability to sell your number 1 product - You - to interested buyers. It's hard work, but what if you could avoid it by having the buyers come looking for the product instead? What if the jobs came to you? Enter JobMobber Profiles, the next step in how you can help and get helped by the JobMob Community.


Who Are You?

The existing jobs websites in Israel fall into 4 categories: corporate websites listing job openings such as Intel's (Hebrew), recruiter websites like TripleTec's, job boards like Jobnet's or employment resource directories like UzIT's Shimushon (Hebrew). After my recent successful Israeli job search during the summer and autumn of 2006, a friend and I started JobMob with the intention of doing something very different.


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