7 Best Kinds of Blog Comments That Demand Attention

Every blogger - including me - will appreciate you more if you leave these kinds of comments. And I don't just mean during comment contests. 1. Respond As a blogger, I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to have an audience that doesn't respond when you ask them a specific question (no, not you... I'm referring to my other readers... right...). Leverage this frustration by being the first or among the first to react in the comments. 2. Give honest feedback Except in very specific situations, leaving a 'loved this' or 'thanks for this' comment is the blogging equivalent of poking someone on Facebook; the 2 seconds you took to do it is the same 2 seconds of thought the blogger will give to it before forgetting it. Instead, tell the blogger what you liked about their article or better yet, how it could be improved if the blogger decided to do a followup.


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