JobMob To Be Attacked By Global Terrorist Hackers

JobMob is on the list of 1300 Israel-related sites that Hacker group Anonymous has threatened to attack this weekend. The Jerusalem Post reported that a YouTube video was posted by an Anonymous member (or someone claiming to be one) threatening to "erase Israel from cyberspace" by attacking major Israeli websites this Sunday, April 7th, which is Holocaust Memorial Day here in Israel. According to the article, the reasons for "OpIsrael" are claims that the Israeli government continues to violate various Palestinian rights and international laws, the same message as the global BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) movement of people who purport to help the Palestinians by attacking and de-legitimizing Israel through non-military actions. So, to promote what they claim are moral actions, they're going to attack Israel on a day commemorating arguably the least moral actions of all time, namely the Holocaust. And now, thanks to a JobMob reader, I've learned that the list of targeted sites has been made public and JobMob is on it.


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