In Your 20s? Focus More on Time Than Moneymaking

Choose the right career while you're young enough to change your mind. This is a guest post by Alina Jingan. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. In the last couple of years I’ve met lots of young people who believed that they first need to have money as the main resource to invest in their development or ideas. At first glance someone will agree that that’s correct, and maybe it is to a certain extent. But the thing that concerns me is that people spend little time to think about the cost of spending all your time on making money. Young people earn money, as everyone else, with their time. There is a constant exchange between time and money, even when you are young, because it impacts on everything. The way we choose and do our job impacts on the way we spend our time, and the way we spend our time is the way we live our lives. Youth is the time to learn through testing and making decisions, mainly without previous experience, but the key element is that all these experiments take time: your time. So, here are some of my thoughts of why you should choose having more time instead of having more money in your 20s.


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