Israeli Salary and Labor Law Q&A with Moshe Egel-Tal

The questions cover ageism, maternity leave, severance pay and overtime for part-timers. The answers are the result of followups to the JobMob Pro Chat with Israeli Payroll Specialist Moshe Egel-Tal. In some cases the names have been changed. Ageism Bena asks: I was wondering whether it is illegal for prospective employers (or employment agencies) to ask your age even before they interview you or even consider you for a prospective position with a company. I have had numerous situations where my qualifications are clearly listed on my C.V., including years I graduated undergrad and grad school and still the prospective employer or head hunter here will ask me my age claiming that it is relevant to my level of experience. When I refuse to give it they basically do not contact me again. How legal is it to ask that question?


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