If all recruiters followed the classic rules of job advertisement writing, you would get pretty bored when scanning job listings. But sometimes, there are some really funny job titles.

Funniest Strangest Job Titles Ever
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Too often, hiring staff will only get creative when it comes to glossing over job description details that might otherwise repel candidates. However, there are times when the actual job name is remarkable enough on its own and clearly needs no embellishment.

From The 60 Strangest Job Titles in the USA

  • Mother Repairer – I'm sure that everyone could use one of these at some point, and I love my mother and I'm sure that most of you love your mothers too. Actually, this refers to the person who improves metal phonograph record matrices, which are also known as mothers.
  • Skull Grinder – what's impressive about this one is that the definition is actually worse than it sounds. You'll need to click the link for it, but wait until you finish eating first.
  • Chick Sexer – just watch Jon Stewart's interview of Mike Rowe. There's nothing else to say.

Some other good ones –

  • Bat Cave Scavenger – from Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs show, this does not refer to people who rob Batman, since I know that's what you were thinking.
  • Tonsorial Artist – from The Weirdest Job Titles. Sounds like a fun name for Doctor of Internal Medicine (which could use a fun name), but it's actually another way to say Hair Stylist.
  • PHP Ninja – from The Jobs of Web2.0. Programmer by day, Security Guard by night. An example of Job Search Marketing.
  • Honest Politician – ok, I made up this one. There are many other funny titles on the WaiterRant, if you ever need a good answer to the question ‘so what do you do?'

Funniest Strangest Job Titles Ever

Think of the funniest, strangest, weirdest job title that you've seen in a job listing or want-ad or perhaps heard from a recruiter's mouth. Now tell us what it is in the comments.

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  1. Moshe Maeir

    Well how about my title –
    “Chief Flattening Officer” at The Flat Planet Phone Co. ??

  2. JacobShare

    Ah, so that’s what CFO means. Thanks for clearing that up, Moshe 😉

  3. Moshe Maeir

    Well if you go to our web site you can see. My job is to bring advanced telephony solutions to small businesses worldwide, so they can communicate and collaborate just like a big business

  4. Deshij

    I find job titles are pointless most of the time and don’t really explain what the job requires.

  5. JacobShare

    And I think you’re right, most of the time. You have to admit that it’s tough to sum up a person’s role in only a few words though. Although…I would like to see a forward-thinking company do away with job titles, there are other ways of indicating who is responsible for who or what. What do you think, Deshij?

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  8. QueenofHearts

    wow theres a lot of crazy jobs out there! Mine is no where as good as any of yours! I agree. A routine can make all the difference in the world…until you get so bored of doing the same thing that you want to explode =/

  9. Cross

    vertical transportation unit manager …

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  11. adrienne

    Boner. Is a person who de-bones chickens and various poultry for consumption.

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  17. Christy

    Nut Steamer – immerses almonds, pecans etc in hot water to soften shells

  18. Joaquin Alvarado

    This one is an exciting job: NUCLEAR WARHEAD SENSITIVITY TECHNICIAN. Hahahaha!

  19. bailey

    i wanna be a gum buster!(:

  20. bailey

    chnage of plans boys, i wana be a dog food tester! 😀 yee!

  21. Stephen

    Sagger Maker’s Bottom Knocker! Real job from the past pottery industry

  22. Emily

    There is some nice jobs like the skull grider and lots more!!! lol 🙂

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