A handy reference for your pre-job interview research.

Update April 2014: There’s a newer version of this list.

Why you can trust this list

First of all, I was very careful to only choose sites that are credible so you can believe their numbers.

I was also careful to choose sites that have their own numbers, and aren’t simply using reports from global sites like Payscale.com

Finally – different sites have different sources, so compare results across sites for the best ideas

Click a flag to jump to that country’s results:

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2012 Global Directory of Salary Surveys

Flag of AustraliaAustralia

Flag of CanadaCanada

Flag of ChinaChina

Flag of IndiaIndia

Flag of IrelandIreland

Flag of Israel Israel

Flag of Japan Japan

Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

Flag of the Philippines Philippines

Flag of SingaporeSingapore

Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa

Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Flag of United StatesUnited States


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--Jacob Share