Whether you're new to personal branding or have already built a strong brand, there's something for everyone in the personal branding video playlist below.

The 5 clips run just over 15 minutes in total.


The primary element in developing your personal brand

The 3 fundamentals of a good personal brand

Mythbusting: Barack Obama used to be a horrible public speaker

A smashing success story of personal branding design and positioning

Secrets of a successful entrepreneur's personal brand

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I originally published this article on the terrific Personal Branding Blog.

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  2. Kate

    You know, I am not sure that the people in these videos have anything new to the discussion about branding. They all mis-use the same quotes and cliches, their hand and arm motions don’t reinforce their points and, I they just don’t have the charisma or track records to captivate an audience. I don’t really believe any of them.

  3. Kate

    Except for the guy who says you should drink before an interview. He might be brilliant.

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