The JobMob LinkedIn group is one of the best ways to help and get helped in the JobMob Community. Here's everything you need to know about the group.

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Why you should join now

What's the point of the JobMob LinkedIn group? 2 immediate benefits:

  • Make it easier to network with other JobMobbers and their contacts.
  • Improve your chances of getting job leads sent directly to you by me or other JobMobbers without having to divulge your email address.


There are 3 easy rules to follow:

  1. You must be a JobMob subscriber to join. If you're subscribed via email, use the same email address when you join the JobMob LinkedIn group. If you're an RSS subscriber, please tell which feed reader you use. Use the contact form in both cases and then your membership request will be validated.
  2. Allow other group members to contact you directly. It's the default setting for the group so you won't need to change it for your account. This is necessary for the above benefits to stay true.
  3. Don't spam or harass anyone. This one should be obvious.

JobMob LinkedIn Group logo

How to join

  1. Apply to the JobMob LinkedIn group. If you don't have a LinkedIn account, you'll be asked to create one.
  2. Click “Accept Invitation” button in the link above. When you do that, your group membership request will be pending until we validate it, usually within a day or two.
  3. Contact us with your JobMob subscription proof unless your subscription email address is the one you're using on LinkedIn.
  4. You'll receive an email once your membership request is approved.
  5. Afterwards, the group logo (here at right) will appear in your profile under the My Groups link.

What to do as a JobMob group member

  1. Update your profile using the Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn so that JobMobbers can find you with matching job leads. Configure to display the JobMob group logo on your profile.
  2. Search the group members for possible company references past and present. Use LinkedIn's Advanced Search and look for the “search within my groups button” to restrict your search to the JobMob group.
  3. Contact other JobMobbers that you can help or get help from on your job search.

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  1. Daniel

    To All,

    I am looking for a challenging position within a professional environment where my abilities, educational background and

    more than twenty years of experience working in the fast-phased, travel and real estate industry, as well as sales experience

    can be utilized to the advantage of my employer.

    I am familiar and well versed in all aspects of International commerce and culture.

    In addition I would be willing to relocate if necessary!

    Best wishes,

    Daniel Geiger (050) 935 9650

  2. Damodar

    Hi i am looking for job in Retail industry in Isarel…if you are looking for the losistics / planing / sales/merchandising/ data entry job please let me know as i am having more then 8 years experiences in the same field.


  3. kadri

    hello there i am a boy from allbenia age 30.
    living in greece for 12 age . i have esperience in turizem .i em loking for a jobe in izrael

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