What can make the difference between a “blah” and an “ah” interview.

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I’m here to give you a simplified version of how to ace the interview, especially for those who get tongue-tied or simply aren’t good interviewees.

So you’re not good interview material? Says who?

1) Look memorable

We’ve been relying on the drab, “proper” attire that’s supposed to show our seriousness and professionalism. And then we end up acting blah, too.

I’m not saying you ought to dress eccentrically, but what about an unexpected flash of color in your glasses (I wear those multicolor Ronit Furst glasses, and loads of people – including interviewers – ask me where to get them). Or an unusual shirt that’s styled differently or has a different color (but no Florida shirts, please).

The key: stand out without looking too way out.

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2) Pretend you’re the host

This is a networking trick, although I don’t recommend going all out with this one.

To make you feel more at ease, pretend you’re the host and your job is to make the person opposite you feel comfortable. So much of the interview can depend on the chemistry; if you’re relaxed and talking naturally, they’ll respond.

The key: make yourself feel at home by making them comfortable.

3) Speak memorably

Rehearse some choice sound bites that people will remember.

For example, if you’re a crackerjack programmer, instead of reeling off a laundry list of qualifications that the interviewer’s already read on your CV, explain your achievements by saying you “wrote a full program in C++ using one line of code.”

Or, if you’re a marketing writer: “My white papers are still being used to target leads, 3 years after I left the company.”

The key: find the hook and use it to lure them in.

4) Deflect trick questions

When the interviewer invariably asks you a trick question, like: “did you have the boss from hell, what do you do?”

Say “yes”?

I don’t think so.

Instead, you may want to deflect such a question by saying that not everyone is meant to  have great bosses, but that you’ve learned techniques to work well with all kinds of challenging personalities.

The key: don’t say something you’ll regret!

5) Finesse dumb questions

Don’t you love it when the interviewer – usually the HR person, who may want to show off their Psych 101 expertise – asks you what your negative traits are? Some advisers recommend you use your hyperactivity or your impatience to your advantage, saying it helps get things done.

Although it sounds like solid advice, it still sounds forced. Why not move the conversation forward, saying “I really can’t think of anything offhand. Can I get back to you on it?”

Maybe what they’re really looking for is to see if you’ll falter. If you come up with a quick answer and a sincere smile, then maybe you gave them the answer.

The key: remove the obstacle by moving forward.

6) Smile

Seasoned interviewers can smell fear. They can also see your palms sweating because you keep rubbing them against your skirt or pants. But if you’re prepared for the interview, you’ve done your due diligence, you’re looking sharp, then take 3 silent breaths, put out your hand confidently and smile. Really smile. You’ll see how the fear will melt away.

The key: If you smile, your fear muscles can’t work!

Please let me know if you’ve adopted these tips – and let me know if you get the job!

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  1. Samuel Sunmonu

    Points 4 and 5 were very informative. I recently had a phone interview where I had to answer a question about my weaknesses and I might have bungled it a little bit. Fortunately I don’t think it had a negative impact on the interview as a whole but it would have been good to know this beforehand!

  2. W.G.Chandrasoma

    Have being worked ion the Police Department for almost 20 years.
    Out of that 20 years service for 18 years I have being working for the Special Task Force and VIP Protection Division. I also worked for 5 years in the area of war zone. I have general knowledge in English Language & computer work. I would like to work in your country.

  3. Merav

    I almost always get the job if it’s a real interview and not just a fishing expedition. I am independently employed and must go on interviews with potential clients frequently.

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  5. nettie feldman

    Great story, Tamar. I’ll pass it along

  6. Tamar Schriger

    Suggestion: In your interview follow up, send your business card.
    I once went on an interview and didn’t get the job.
    I sent a short note thanking the boss for his time and enclosed my card.
    A few months down the line,, it turned out they weren’t satisfied with the person they had hired.
    The boss called me first because he had my card right in front of his face— and I got the job!!

  7. Bradley

    I don’t necessarily agree with the first point – let your interview content be memorable in terms of questions and answers rather than your attire.

    I wrote a slightly different set of 6 top interview tips with maybe a UK perspective.

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  9. jessica

    I remember the first time I was interviewed, I wore what I usually wear when I go out, didn’t sleep well, and totally don’t have any idea about interviews. By the time that I was the one who’ll get interviewed, I only last for like 10-15mins. 🙂 I was so embarassed. well, at least I tried. Great tips. Thanks!

  10. Elizabeth Dubey

    Why should I listen to you? It is bad enough that 90 percent of US movies, TV, radio, newspapers banks, 911, Norway are traceable to guess who? People are starting to wake up, finally. We are through listening to you.

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