is preparing a large job fair at the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv.

AllJobs 2009 Summer Job Fair


The job fair is open to all. However, given the location, most of the jobs are likely to be located in the center of the country as well.


According to the official poster here on the right, the job fair will focus on openings at major Israeli companies in high tech, communications, retail and more.

AllJobs will be giving out free resume advice to visitors to their booth at the fair.

According to the event posting on Facebook (in Hebrew), the participating companies include the cellphone companies, the television companies, major placement agencies, Manpower Israel, and some of the tenant companies in the Azrieli complex.

Update July 20th: although a full list of participating companies still hasn't been published, there are more companies listed in the just-added floor plan and among the 25+ wall posts (comments on the facebook event posting).

There will also be companies with job openings outside of Israel. Finally, other companies are expected to join in the next few days as well.


Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv
Ground floor

Train: Tel Aviv Hashalom

Bus: 27, 40, 42, 50, 51, 60, 63, 100, 127, 140, 141, 150, 154, 186, 250, 251, 285, 286, 386


For more information, call 077-6-000-000.

Entry is free.


Wednesday, July 22nd and Thursday, July 23rd from 12pm – 7pm

Bring copies of your resume!

And don't forget to check out my 35+ Job Fair Success Do’s and Don’ts before you go.

Thanks to @anateshel for bringing the fair to my attention.

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  1. Jacob Share

    Shmuel- most people submit/email electronic copies but it’s not unheard of for job seekers to try paper copies as a way to stand out from the crowd.

    There are better ways to stand out, however, so stick with the electronic copies (unless required otherwise) and spend more time targeting companies well.

  2. dasonam sherpa

    hi i am from nepal .i am seeking for isreal job .i have work experiencs so that i register your web site comment .

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