This guide will save you precious time by pointing you to the most useful mailing lists for your job search in Israel.

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This article covers email discussion lists, newsletters and alerts. See The JobMob Guide to Israeli Yahoo! Groups and The JobMob Ultimate Collection of Israeli RSS feeds if you already receive too much email. In that case, you should See How Easily You Can Beat Job Search Email Overload before continuing.

Subscriptions are free except where mentioned otherwise.

Subscribe To These Lists Now

  • Digital Eve Israel, formerly the Dei-discuss list, now a Yahoo group – originally intended for women in hitech (but not exclusively), this English list often mentions job opportunities. Very active, if you subscribe in digest format you may still receive up to 2-3 digests per day.
  • Jacob Richman's Computer Jobs in Israel (CJI) mailing list – this English, bi-weekly, hitech-oriented list of jobs is the granddaddy of them all, created in 1994. It was already featured on JobMob when the CJI 2007 salary survey results were announced.
  • The Leavi Foundation's Jobs Newsletter – a monthly list of jobs sent out in an attached Word file. Mostly in French but there are usually some openings – often many – in English too. To subscribe, email info [at] and ask to be added to the subscribers' list.
  • Israemploy – now one of the more famous English jobsites in Israel, Israemploy allows you to generate a daily email alert whenever a search of their jobs database has (new) results for your criteria. Available to all freely-registered users, only paid members will get immediate access to jobs' contact information. Non-paid members can see contact information for openings that are at least 1 week old.
  • AllJobs – like Israemploy, AllJobs allows you to generate daily alerts based on searches of its database and limits the contact information to paid members only. Although the site is strictly in Hebrew, there are sometimes job listings in English too.

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You Might Also Like These Lists

  • Tachlis – This English discussion list is aimed at former and new immigrants or olim. As such, most of the messages are about aliya issues, of which arguably the most important is finding work. If you subscribe, choose the daily digest.
  • Jobneton –, one of Israel's best-known jobsites in English or Hebrew, proposes this personalized newsletter to be delivered every Thursday with “selected job listings…statistics…articles…”. Unfortunately, the email itself simply contains a link to a page on Jobnet containing at least some of the aforementioned information. However, the Jobnet database results are actually pretty good as long as you're prepared to click through every week.
  • AllJobs Magazine – proposes this Hebrew newsletter that also appears whenever AllJobs feel like sending it. More complete than the Jobneton, the mailing usually has some random job listings but more useful are the 2-3 links to advice on Israeli jobhunting.
  • Ringtech – this English/Hebrew site proposes a newsletter of hitech job openings. The emails arrive rarely and randomly, and won't overwhelm you.
  • The e-learning list – this low activity English list of open positions is very narrowly targeted to the hitech field of machine learning. If that's your field, signup now.

If You Have Protekzia

  • Bar Ilan University International MBA Alumni – if you can convince the list coordinator that you deserve to be on the list mailed out from MBA_JOBOPPTYS [at], many interesting opportunities pass through there.
  • Technion Graduate – Haifa's Technion has a very developed alumni program including a jobs list. If you missed attending the school, you can still act like a graduate and try to subscribe to bogrim [at]

Avoid These Lists

  • Jobby Newsletter – tries to lure you into subscribing to a Hebrew job alerts newsletter. Don't fall for it. The emails are missing any useful information and require you to click through to the homepage. Jobby is still showing too many signs of a spammer jobsite, so keep away.
  • – they claim to have tens of thousands of jobs in their database but you can expect no jobs and spam if you subscribe to their free newsletter.
  • Chermon HR – this site claims to have a newsletter of jobs openings. I've been a subscriber for quite some time, and I still haven't received anything from them.
  • – like AllJobs, this Hebrew site claims to send you daily alerts with job openings. Unlike AllJobs, the subscription confirmation email is the last one you'll ever receive from them.
  • – yet another Hebrew jobsite claiming to have a newsletter. Yet another Hebrew jobsite resembling a spammer jobsite. Need I say more?
  • The Beit Shemesh list – an extremely active English discussion list for citizens of Beit Shemesh, job opportunities occasionally appear among the many posts, so many they'll quickly overload your inbox. You'll also see job openings in other community discussion lists such as the Modiin list – not just local jobs either – but unless you're careful, you'll waste a huge amount of time scanning the numerous mailings for few jobs.

Did I miss anything? Perhaps in Arabic, Russian or another language? If so, please contact me.

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