The best infographic designs about job search and career trends.

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Growing the Green Job Boom

green job boom infographic

The Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

highest paying work from homejobs infographic

Which Designer Job is the Best?

which designer job for you infographic

The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

most dangerous jobs in america infographic

The Good News For Online Degrees

good news on online degrees infographic

Does Unemployment Spark Entrepreneurship?

does unemployment spark entrepreneurship infographic

U.S. Jobs Growth Forecast

jobs forecast 2011 infographic

Education vs Employment

education vs employment infographic

Ingenious Ways to Fund your Master's Degree

ingenious ways to fund your master degree infographic

The Dollars and Sense of Workshifting

telecommuting makes sense infographic

What Factors Go Into Choosing a Career?

factors into choosing a career infographic

Silicon Valley's Talent War

silicon valley talent war infographic

Labor Day by the Numbers

labor day by the numbers infographic

Do College Endowments Affect Graduates' Salaries?

well endowed infographic

The Best Jobs in America

best jobs in america infographic

Which Industries Are the Most Violent

top 5 most violent industries infographic

The Job Voyager

job voyager female infographic

Totaljobs Survey: The Graduate Mindset

totaljobs graduate infographic

What is the Reed Job Index?

reed job index infographic

Top Jobs For Critical Thinking

top jobs for critical thinking infographic

Out of Work America

out of work america infographic

The Most Underrated (and Underpaid) Jobs in America

most underrated jobs infographic

What are The Most Stressful Jobs in America?

most stressful jobs infographic

Top 10 Cities to Get your First Job

top 10 cities to get your first job infographic

The Great Depression vs The Great Recession

unemployment infographic

Workers Over 65 Vie With Teens in Labor Market

workers over 60 infographic

Unemployment, 2004 to Present

unemployment 2004 to present infographic

The State of Jobs in the United States

State of Jobs in USA infographic

Looking Inside the Executive Suite

looking inside executive suite infographic

The Language of Hiring

the language of hiring infographic

Vauxhall/Opel Job Cuts: Did Germany Strike a Deal?

car layoffs infographic

The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager

social media manager infographic

Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For

100 best companies to work for

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(You might have noticed that most of these are about America or the UK, so if you know of any job search-related infographics from other countries, please mention them in the comments too, ok?)

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Jacob Share

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  1. DorleeM

    What a great collection of infographics on career topics, Jacob!

    Thanks for sharing this. I especially liked “what factors go into choosing a career.”

    You can see how people really want to feel inspired and passionate about their careers; they don’t want to feel that their job is like work.

    I believe this is a good sign for both the the employees and employers…if hiring firms take heed of this in their design of job descriptions and allow employees more creativity and freedom.

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  5. Rishona

    Wow…amazing article. Thanks for compiling this!

  6. David Weitz

    Great graphics and info – for Americans.

    Could we have the same info for Israel?

    1. Jacob Share

      David- I wish! We scoured the Web for all job search infographics we could find, and sadly, we couldn’t find any Israel-oriented ones in English or Hebrew or they would have been featured in the article.

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