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Everybody is innovative, in that there is no doubt. The difference is just how far people are willing to go with their ideas. Most entrepreneurs are willing to go the whole way. And this may involve their complete financial annihilation or liberation. Either way, they follow their ideas until there is no more road.

For those looking to get a job with a start-up company, there are some serious risks involved.

Risks and potentially lucrative rewards.

At the top of the list is equity. Being one of the guys who came up with the company, you may be entitled to a piece of the pie, depending on how the owners look at their rewards system.

But in this ever fickle economic climate, how does one land a job with these up and coming startup companies?

1. Go to startup events

Okay, so everyone knows that Silicon Valley, Boston and New York are the major hubs in the US for start-up companies. But this doesn't mean that you have to reside in these cities and areas to get a job with promising start-up companies.

You can get a job with companies in your area too. All you have to do is seek out their ‘hang-out spots”. Startups need support and investors. So chances are they have an event where all budding startups go to and network. These are the events you need to attend.

By simply carrying out a quick search on Google, you can find various events that host start-up founders and several other major players in the field. Attend these events and build a strong network. You may not get to meet or make a connection with company founders but you will meet like-minded people who know other companies who might be hiring. This year has been packed with events already, one that is coming up which I plan on attending is:

Global Entrepreneurship Week – in 115 Countries (November 18 – 24, 2013)

Attending these events will expose you to so many people that it’s inevitable for you to make some great connections, which can flourish into great opportunities for you down the road.

2. Start local

As we mentioned earlier, you do not have to be in New York, Silicon Valley or Boston to get a job with a start-up company.

Many people are going the ‘do it yourself' way these days. Simply look up startup companies available within your area [Jacob: such as Israeli startups who are hiring] and apply to those.

Recruiting agencies may not tell you this, but your chances of getting hired are often higher when you are a local. This is unless you are exceptionally good at programming or are some kind of über growth hacker, then your options are unlimited.

3. Network local

This doesn't mean that you have to only mingle with entrepreneurs. Mingle with venture capitalists, company board members and advisers… all these are people who matter in the world of entrepreneurship.

Find someone that ranks highly and is well-respected in the community as an innovative thinker, offer to buy them lunch or coffee and ask for their advice on what you should do. Many can be uncovered on LinkedIn or even though meetup.com. Ask them how to connect with the local entrepreneurs and how to successfully help start-up companies! Chances are they have done it numerous times before and they know how to pick winners.

Align yourself with these people and you will be part of the ‘start-up inner circle' in no time as long as you prove yourself worthy.

4. Befriend recruiters

Like you, most headhunters depend on networking.

This is how you can get yourself into the mix. Befriend a well-known and well respected startup recruiter and make sure that they know you are interested in working for a startup company.

These recruiters are not so difficult to find. Chances are they advertise on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. They participate in startup forums or job advertisement sites and are often present at startup events. Find a great recruiter and build a solid quid pro quo relationship and they will definitely give you the inside story on startups and when they are hiring. You could always refer some of your friends who are looking for jobs in other fields to the recruiter as part of what you bring to the table.

These are just some tips to get you going on your quest to work for a start-up company.

Remember that the whole point of startup companies is innovation and creativity. Simply sending your CV all around is not going to get you the job.

You have to be innovative and impressive.

These are people who are going to entrust their dreams into your hands.

You should at the very least show them that you can be depended on to get the job done. Do this by finding a way into their company even before they invite applications.

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