7 reasons to job search during the holiday season.

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This is a guest post by Dave Thomas.

Could finding a job actually be easier during the holiday season?

While the holidays are a very busy time of year for most people, the time period can also be great for landing a job.

Unfortunately, many individuals in need of work figure that now is the time to take a break, no one is hiring with all the rush of the holiday season, and the only jobs that may be available are entry-level jobs such as low-paying retail gigs.

Think again.

As it turns out, many employers do take on new employees over the holiday season such as in Western countries, where many companies not in the retail business are winding down their end-of-year operations, giving them more time to focus on what they need from a manpower standpoint heading into the New Year.

In your experience, is job search easier or harder during the holidays?

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7 Reasons To Job Search This Holiday Season

In the event you’ve been toying with taking a break over the holidays from the job hunt, keep some of these factors in mind:

1) Staying motivated

All of us at one time or another has found ourselves on the job prowl. Looking for a job is often a full-time job, meaning it is not uncommon to want to take a break. The problem with taking what is sometimes a prolonged break (a few weeks or months) is that we have trouble becoming motivated once again.

Don’t find yourself in a rut that might become too hard to get out of after the holidays are done.

2) The number of job hunters is likely to dwindle

While you may think there will be countless people searching for work during the holidays, keep in mind that many of them may be thinking like you too, that it's time to take a break.

If that’s the case, you’ll have more access to employers as the number of resumes they’re likely to receive will decrease.

3) Network, network, network

If you’re invited to holiday parties, what better time to network?

You may be a little hesitant to attend holiday events given you’re out of work, or maybe you can't due to quarantine or lockdown, but that is exactly the time to get with other professionals who escaped the layoff bug and network. Ask them to give you some leads they may have on job openings, who exactly to contact.

Heck, they may even put in a good word for you.

4) Work desire can be rewarded

Granted, probably the last thing you want to be doing before and during the holidays is job hunting, but it could work to your benefit: some employers will view this as motivational, along with being an eagerness on your part to find work while others are looking to take off time from work over the holidays.

Showing a potential employer that you’re hungry for work is half the battle.

5) Get your foot in the door before the New Year turnover

In some cases, companies will be dealing with turnover in the New Year. You can use this time of year to interview, and if all goes well, replace those who are on their way out.

6) Go with the holiday flow

Many bosses will be in a more relaxed mood with the holidays coming, so take advantage of it. The majority of employers (unless they’re retail managers) are winding down their year, and if it was a good one, could prove more receptive to the job you are seeking.

7) Give yourself a present

Lastly, what better holiday gift could you give yourself than a new job?

Many people are out there looking for work. Take the initiative to find yourself a job during your holiday season so that you have something positive to kick-off your New Year.

While there are no guarantees that you will actually find a new job, the holidays really are a good time of the year to roll up your sleeves and go for it.

Better yet, you may get your foot in the door somewhere while your competition is stuck in the mall parking lot looking for a spot.

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  1. Tracy

    Great article. Talk to managers while they are still in the cheery holiday mood!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alex Carlyle

    Great article. This is an excellent time of year to look. Re: point #5, it’s especially a good time if you’re in sales or in the financial industry. For any industry, in some companies managers have a use-it-or-lose-it policy when it comes to their budget, so they won’t want to go into the New Year with empty positions.

  3. Judy

    Hi….I sent out many resumes…although it is a holiday season…I stayed focused and just found a new position….it is the best Holiday Gift I could give myself…if you have to go shopping …get it overwith and stay focused on a wonderful gift for yourself..prosperity for 2012.
    Also..with unemployment possibly not being extended or maybe for a short period of time..keep in mind all of those people who will be running out of benefits by mid January…will be taking any job they can get…even the lower level positions will be unavailable..ACT NOW.

  4. Gail Kasper

    Great tips! I have found this to be true as well – Thank you for sharing it! I love your advice regarding New Year’s turnovers, this is so helpful! I have coached and spoken to thousands of people. Perpetual motivation is hard to do. This is why I wrote my newest book, Unstoppable.

  5. Kate

    Fewer job searchers makes for easier hiring. I will remember that always.

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