Raise your hand if you like to clean up. If your arm is vertical, you'll want to know that you can easily cash in on that enjoyed pastime of yours. Most people are different than you are, they do all they can to avoid cleaning like the plague. As a result, demand increases for those skilled workers like yourself that can appreciate a broom and squeegee.

Ozeret.o.il logoOzeret.co.il (Hebrew) claims to have the largest database in Israel of experienced cleaners (‘sanitary engineers', if you like funny job titles), home helpers and even babysitters. The database is always growing thanks to an easy signup process and a model that puts the onus on clients to do most of the legwork in finding the right candidate for their job. You just sign up and wait for clients to find you.

One unnerving aspect of the Ozeret site is that it clearly expects its members to only be women and I'm not sure why that is. Although I've never met a male home helper, of course they exist, even in Israel. Also, in all the schools that I attended, the janitors were almost always men. Strange choice on the part of Ozeret's management, as it limits their target market.

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    Better to be live out help than live in and the reverse.

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