🏈 Funniest Job Search Super Bowl Commercials [2019]

Take a job search break with these funny Super Bowl commercials.

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Quick tip: if a video doesn't work in your country, replace “youtube” with “youpak” in the url.

So far, I haven't seen any job search Super Bowl commercials so far in 2019 (for Super Bowl LIII), but if you have seen any, or just know of other early Super Bowl commercials we should include here, tell us in the comments.


Most viewed Super Bowl commercials related to job search

To give you an idea of the history of Super Bowl commercials, the videos are ordered from newest to oldest.

Super Bowl LII Amazon.com 2018 “Did Alexa lose her voice?”

Super Bowl LII This Is Getting Old | ETRADE 2018

Super Bowl LI TurboTax 2017 “David Ortiz New Job”

2012 Super Bowl Commercial – CareerBuilder Super Bowl Monkeys

2012 Super Bowl Commercial – CareerBuilder Super Bowl Monkey Business

Super Bowl XLV CareerBuilder 2011 “Parking Lot”

Super Bowl XLIV CareerBuilder 2010 “Job Fairy”

Super Bowl XLIV CareerBuilder 2010 “Office Fart”

Super Bowl XLIV CareerBuilder 2010 “Casual Fridays”

Super Bowl XLIV Monster 2010 “Fiddling Beaver” (Extended)

Super Bowl XLIII CareerBuilder 2009 “Tips”

Super Bowl XLIII Monster 2009 “Doubletake”

Super Bowl XLIII Pepsi Max 2009 “Job Interview”

Super Bowl 2009 Commercial CareerBuilder.com, Time for a New Job

Super Bowl XLII CareerBuilder 2008 “Wish”

Super Bowl XLII CareerBuilder 2008 “Heart Quits”

Super Bowl XLII CareerBuilder 2008 “By Four”

Super Bowl XLI CareerBuilder 2007 “Wild Jungle”

Super Bowl XLI CareerBuilder 2007 “Wild Jungle” (2)

Super Bowl XXXVIII Monster 2006

Monster.com When I Grow Up 1999 Super Bowl commercial

This is considered to be one of the most unforgettable Super Bowl commercials of all time and one of the 25 Most Influential Super Bowl Ads of All Time.

Long version:

CareerBuilder Commercial: Performance Evaluation

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My favorites are “Job Interview”, “Tips” and “Time for a new job.” What are yours? Tell us in the comments.

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