No one does a funny infographic about resume verbs better.

I've loved The Onion ever since I discovered it back in university.

I have one of their books, and I still visit their website from my smartphone all the time, so it felt right to finally give my own salute to The Onion.


Job search infographics

what are we excluding from our resume

where do we see ourselves in five years

top summer jobs

the post college job hunt

top verbs appearing on resumes

where are we looking for work

what are we finishing since we've been laid off

how are we preparing for a recession

viacom departments most affected by layoffs

uaw union recruitment

top US army recruitment strategies

Work-related infographics and statshots

worst parts of our jobs

recession proof businesses 2006

least popular work study jobs

why are we working late

what awards are we hanging in our office

top reasons for employee absence

workplace productivity falling

immigrant workers vs wal-mart

worst US jobs 2049

top reasons for retirement US carnival workers

how are we preparing for retirement

minimum wage hike

obama pushes job creation

What are we asking our employers for

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  2. Kate

    Some days, the Onion is the only part of my day that makes sense.

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