Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist is possibly the best-known American blog about career issues. When Penelope was fired from Yahoo! Finance, she struck out on her own and the Brazen Careerist blog network is a result.

Brazen Careerist blog network

What is the Brazen Careerist blog network?

From the official website

“The Brazen Careerist network is made up of a vibrant, curious and ambitious group of career-minded bloggers, passionately covering a variety of fields: personal development, entrepreneurship, public relations, technology, marketing, and politics, each blog offers a unique, informed perspective to our ever-expanding audience.”

In other words, the network aims to give “careerists” a well-rounded view of the information needed for your success.

Are there any other network bloggers for you?

You be the judge. Here are some samples from around the network:

  • An Introvert’s Guide to Networking by Angela Marino
  • Supplement Your Resume with an Impressive Portfolio by Jennifer Robinson
  • Negotiating Your Salary Isn’t Optional by Caitlin Weaver
  • 10 Tips for Networking / Recruiting Events by Ian Selvarajah
  • What Really Happens When You Give Too Much Notice by Rachel Robbins

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    Does the Brazen Careerist network still exist in 2013?

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