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My friend Jason Alba of JibberJobber fame emailed to tell me about this event.

Update: podcasts of the completed summit are available for download.



“To mark the 10th Anniversary of personal branding, on November 8th we are providing 24 hours of free teleseminars with experts in the field of personal branding. Anyone in the world with a telephone will be able to participate in this live event.”


The schedule of the two parallel tracks covers the many 1-hour sessions. There are lots of goodies to choose from including:

  • How Finding and Developing Your Personal Brand Helps Your Career with Anita Bruzzese – Nov.8, 5pm IST
  • Branding Your Resume, Bio or CV: Trends and Tips, a panel facilitated by Susan Guarneri with Deb Dib, Megan Fitzgerald and Bernadette Martin – Nov.8, 8pm IST
  • Use Personal Branding to Take Your Job Search from Zero to 60 with Jason Alba – Nov.9, 12am IST
  • Changing Careers to Pursue Your Authentic Personal Brand with Andrea Kay – Nov.9, 3am IST


The sessions all take place over the phone, in very large conference calls.

To get access, you need to register by filling in your name and email address in the small form in the upper right-hand corner of any page on the PersonalBrandingSummit website including the program schedule page.

Once you've done that, an email will be sent to you with 2 important pieces of information: the phone number to call your participant access code for each one.

Although participation is free, the phone number is 512-597-6331 which means that the phone call itself is not free. That, and the time difference make this event less appealing to Israelis than it should be. Unless you have a question to ask Guy Kawasaki or one of the other speakers, you'll probably join me in hoping that the sessions will be recorded and downloadable as podcasts.


Thursday, November 8th, beginning at 5pm Israel Standard Time and continuing for 12 hours.


To learn what it means to brand yourself and how to do it well.

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    An event that doesn’t get me out of the house is impossible right now. The kids make too much noise.

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