People thinking their advice is good doesn't make it good advice.

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Everyone has an opinion on what you need to do in your job search, but some of that advice is just bad.

Here are seven common pieces of advice you shouldn't take to heart:

7. “Apply for everything online.”

Taking a non-targeted approach to your job search is unlikely to result in positive results. Spend your time targeting appropriate positions.

6. “Never apply for jobs online.”

It is true that many people find their jobs through networking but this is not the only strategy you should use. You don’t want to immediately cut out a resource like the Internet for finding work. Figure out a way to use the Internet more effectively.

5. “You want a job? Use the job site that just advertised on the Superbowl.”

If everyone is applying on the same job board, it is harder to get a response. Focus on the niche job boards and apply directly on company websites for better results.

4. “Include all of your work experience on your resume. You don’t want to be a liar.”

A resume is a marketing piece. You don’t need to include every job you have ever held.

3. “Use a functional resume as a first resort.”

A functional resume is best if you have gaps in employment or if you're making a major career transition. In other situations, stick to a traditionally formatted resume with a chronological work history.

2. “Don’t waste time with small talk. Just tell someone what you want immediately.”

If you are being a “me-first person” and just demanding what you want, people are unlikely to listen.

1.“Take any job.”

Not every job is right for everybody and just taking anything is unlikely to lead to success.

Post in the comments section any other bad advice that you’ve heard and why you think that is bad advice.

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  • Hi Lavie,

    Thanks for turning bad advice into good advice! People get so worn down by their job search that it is so easy to listen to everyone and anyone…even people who have no idea.

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